Forthcoming in The Los Angeles Review

June 7, 2011

I just learned over the weekend that The Los Angeles Review has accepted my poem “The Sky Will Look White” for publication in their Fall 2011 issue due out in October. I picked up a copy of the journal at the last AWP in DC, but first learned of them at the LA Times Festival of Books in 2009 when I visited the Red Hen Press table. It feels a bit like a sign from the universe: I’m looking to possibly relocate to LA from Fresno since completing my MFA last month. Or, at least, it’s a lovely and well-timed coincidence.


3 Responses to “Forthcoming in The Los Angeles Review”

  1. Mari said

    This is wonderful news, Michelle — congratulations! I hope you and Mario are settling into your new lives in Los Angeles (where I hope to reconnect with you both at some point)…

    • Thank you, Mari! And thanks for visiting my oft-neglected blog — hopefully I can make updating a part of my LA life now that I have more time on my hands. 🙂 Looking forward to whenever our next visit takes place!

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